Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon

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One of the core brands from the Heaven Hill Distillery, the only family-owned distillery left in Kentucky.

Alcohol 47.0% vol.

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Boldly named after the highly disputed inventor of bourbon whiskey, Reverend Elijah Craig who, as the story goes, was a skilled distiller that had his barrels damaged in a fire, leaving them heavily charred. Instead of throwing them out, Elijah decided to use them to store his whiskey in any way. Pleased with the character imparted by the charring of the barrels on his whiskey, it became a widely adopted process. If true, it’s a nice story to name delicious bourbon after. With a mashbill consisting of around 70-80% corn, the Elijah Craig 12 is bottled in small batches from less than 100 barrels at a time.

Appearance: Rich caramel.
Nose: Honey and aromatic rock candy sweets.
Taste: Vanilla, salted caramels and a hint of spearmint freshness.
Finish: Charred oak and lingering vanilla.
Overall: A bourbon that invokes childhood memories of sweet shops.


As this bottling was discontinued in 2016, this is quite a rare find. The vast majority of reviewers prefer the 12-year-old when compared to the new non-age-statement bottling that was released in its place. So you should probably grab a bottle of this before it goes.

If the person you’re buying for is a fan of the Elijah Craig 12, you could also try Knob Creek 9, Booker’s or Buffalo Trace.


The history of Elijah Craig is the history of Bourbon. Reverend Elijah Craig was a Baptist preacher and an active character in 1800’s Kentucky. He was an educator, road builder, land speculator, and built the first paper and wool mills in Georgetown, KY. But it was his gift as a distiller and entrepreneur that establishes his place in history as The Father of Bourbon. He is credited as being the first to char the inside of his oak barrels where his Bourbon was stored imparting a rich colour and sweeter, smoother character to his whiskey.

Heaven Hill Distilleries, INC.

With a mashbill consisting of around 70-80% corn, the Elijah Craig 12 is bottled in small batches from less than 100 barrels at a time.


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