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Our music philosophy, in one word, is “SOULFUL.” It’s a journey through Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk and everything in between coming in two forms; intimate, stripped-back live sessions, featuring new performers on the first Tuesday of every month, and resident DJs and guest headliners taking care of the soundtrack throughout the building the rest of the time.

All our music programming is curated by head of music Chris P Cuts.

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Bar downstairs in the TT Cellar Bar.
Lots of seating in the Cellar Bar.

Live Sessions

Always the
first Tuesday
of the month

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TT Live sessions are stripped-back soulful performances, featuring established and up-and-coming artists covering a wide variety of genres and musical styles, hosted by Chris P Cuts.

Our Live Sessions take place on the first Tuesday of every month. For each event we serve a guest menu of Hennessy cocktails. We try to keep the area free from reservations so anyone who wants can come down and enjoy the show.

Entry is always free but seats are only available until they aren’t. Don’t worry though, our sound system will have you covered wherever you are in the bar so if you can’t see the performance you’ll still be able to hear it.

Aanya Martin

Tuesday 2nd July

On Tuesday the 2nd of July we’re delighted to announce that our special guest for TT Live Sessions will be newcomer, Aanya Martin. Head of Music Chris P Cuts spinning vinyl from 7pm before and after the set and our Live Sessions menu of Hennessy-based cocktails available all night.

As always, entry is free but seats are only available until they aren’t so arrive early to secure a spot.

Free Hennessy Tastings

All our TT Live Sessions are supported by Hennessy. On Live Sessions nights we run a special menu of Hennessy-based cocktails for the duration of the evening as well as hosting a pair of free Hennessy tastings for Live Sessions guests and TT regulars.

May’s free Hennessy Tasting will take place in the TT Cinema at 7pm on Tuesday 7th of May. We have space for up to 40 guests but demand is high and seats will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis so RSVP soon to secure a spot.

Fill out the RSVP form below to register for this month’s tastings and we’ll be in touch to let you know if you’ve got a spot.

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On Tuesday the 4th of June, we were joined by Lianna in the Cellar Bar.

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Irini Arabatzi

On Tuesday the 7th of May, we were joined by vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer, Irini Arabatzi. Irini has spent years honing her craft, performing alone and alongside other musicians across Greece and the UK and we were thrilled to welcome her to the Cellar Bar for a stripped back performance.

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For April’s TT Live Session we we’re hyped to welcome Nottingham-based rapper and UK legend, Cappo to the Cellar Bar. Cappo has been honing his lyricism for over two decades, touring and performing with greats from both sides of the pond including Public Enemy, DJ Premier, Slum Village, The Herbaliser and Sleaford Mods.

Aurora Dee Raynes

The first Live Session of 2024 we were joined by enigmatic North London duo Aurora Dee Raynes who treated us to a live performance, bookended by DJ sets from host, curator and TT Head of Music Chris P Cuts.


On Friday 17th November TT Liquor hosted one of the UK’s biggest Hip Hop DJ’s, Shortee Blitz. The night was free entry and Chris P Cuts started the evening off.

Bonita presents ...

Bonita presents Pedrito Y Sus Guachas. Having launched their debut release ‘From Here, From There‘ with us back in May up in the Orangery, Bonita were back with a new project called ‘Pedrito Y Sus Guachas’. This is a branch of the grander 'Bonita' platform which celebrates Ecuadorian music, whilst appreciating its London roots.


On Friday the 20th of October, we were thrilled to welcome the incredible Mr Thing. This is someone who’s DJ career we’ve been following for years and who we’ve wanted to play in the Cellar Bar forever so we were really excited to announce this set as part of London Cocktail Week 2023, supported by Hennessy.


On Tuesday the 3rd of October TT Live Sessions were joined by Ruby Wood, a vocalist, songwriter and DJ hailing from Huddersfield. Ruby’s distinctive, soulful voice has seen her front numerous projects and she is perhaps best known as the lead vocalist of the acclaimed Submotion Orchestra.

Talulah Ruby

On Tuesday 5th of September, Talulah Ruby joined us for a TT Live Sessions in the Cellar Bar.


For August’s Live Session we were joined by the multi-talented, pianist, producer and singer, C.Tappin. This was C.Tappin’s second TT Live Session performance after appearing alongside long time collaborator Alma De La Selva last year.

Raquel Martins

On Tuesday the 4th of July, Portuguese singer, songwriter and musician Raquel Martins joined us for a TT Live Session. Raqeul Martins brought her unique blend of Latin-infused alt-soul to the Cellar Bar for a stripped back, soulful performance that was hosted by TT Head of Music Chris P Cuts.

NIA x Live Sessions

On Tuesday 6th of June, Birmingham born, London-based singer, songwriter and selector, NIA collaborated with ‘TT Live Sessions’ to present a very special night of live music in the Cellar Bar. NIA brought her distinct soultronic jazz fusion to the TT Cellar Bar for June’s TT Live Session.

Georgie Sweet

Georgie began working with her mentor and frequent collaborator Deborah Jordan after they met during a school music lesson and went on to hone her distinctive style and songwriting abilities through sessions at the headquarters of Bournemouth based label Futuristica Music. Georgie Sweet took over the Cellar Bar at TT Liquor on Tuesday the 2nd of May for our previous TT Live Session.

Kiina & Friends

Kiina is a DJ and producer renowned for his warm, refined style and intricate beats. Kiina’s distinctive sound features timeless instrumental melodies reminiscent of long nights in smoky jazz bars. Kiina and some of his talented friends took over the Cellar Bar at TT Liquor on Tuesday the 4th of April for the first TT Live Session of 2023.

White Girl Wasted

Tuesday 1st November 2022 we were really excited to host a live performance and video premiere from White Girl Wasted, the collaborative project of Birmingham rapper, Sonnyjim and prominent producer, The Purist. Between them, these two have an impressive back catalogue, with Sonnyjim being a contributor to the UK hip hop scene for years and The Purist heading up his own label; Daupe! as well as conjuring up beats for new-school greats like Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson and Danny Brown.


Tuesday 18th October 2022 we were joined by West London singer/songwriter Kyra, who showcased her distinct ‘electrosoul’ vocal stylings in a stripped back live performance in our Cellar Bar. Kyra has proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the UK RnB scene, supporting artists like Rita Ora and Boys II Men and appearing alongside renowned DJ, Sigala on his singles Easy Love and Sweet Lovin’.


On Tuesday 4th October Profusion joined us for a TT Live Session with a stripped back performance of vocals and keys in our intimate Cellar Bar. DJ & producer K15 and multi-talented vocalist Emeson combine to form Profusion, a sonic partnership creating contemporary London soul music with flashes of dance music technique and jazz-tinged rhythms.


Tuesday 6th September 2022. Sharky brings to life a world of colourful surrealism with ambiguous lyrics and a distinctive vocal styling. With inspirations like Stevie Nicks and Gloria Gaynor, Sharky sings lyrics through a personal lens reflecting on playful and poignant themes with a sense of humour and openness to people, places, and different aspects of life.


Tuesday 2nd August 2022. Plumm is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. In recent years Plumm has created a buzz in the London jazz scene both as a solo artist and as part of collectives like Levitation Orchestra and has worked on collaborations with drummer and producer, Moses Boyd. Plumm creates vast, thoughtful soundscapes using her rich vocals, she blends multiple genres maintaining a gritty, soulful tone. Plumm brought her unique sound to the Cinema.


Tuesday 5th July 2022. Sophya kicked off our summer series of TT Live Sessions. This young artist has been finding herself whilst finding her sound and has released two singles as well as her debut EP, ‘The Motivation Manifesto.’ Sophya’s music has been influenced by dashes of funk, neo-soul, jazz and alternative pop, she’s been releasing music since 16 but considers her discography to start at 19 with her first single ‘Devil’s House’.

Daniella Wizard

Tuesday 7th June 2022. Daniella Wizard is a West London singer, songwriter, producer and saxophonist, her music is self-described as ‘a fantasy sound of true self and alter-ego collected against a collision of dreams and nightmares to create ‘The Wizard’. Her collected ingredients create soundscape potions of love, war and what’s in between. With a culturally rich background courtesy of her Bajan-Grenadian father and English-Dutch mother, Daniella grew up with a plethora of musical diversity.

Joshua Idehen

Wednesday 4th May 2022. Live Sessions at TT Liquor came back with a bang on Wednesday the 4th of May 2022 with Sweden based, British born Nigerian poet and musician Joshua Idehen. After years of working as a collaborator, Joshua released his debut single ‘Don’t You Give Up On Me’ to critical acclaim. Idehen is one of the biggest and most exciting artists we’ve had perform at our live sessions and as always he did not fail to deliver.

Benny Morrell

Wednesday 2nd March 2022. TT Live Sessions were proud to host Melbourne native, Benny Morrell who has established himself with an infectious, entertaining and versatile style, seamlessly blending his pen game and vocal ability to break the shackles of generic hip-hop sound. Benny’s influences range from the music he grew up on, this eclectic mix of inspiration made for a performance that was high-octane and charismatic.

Alma De La Selva

Wednesday 2nd February 2022. Colombian born, London based producer and percussionist, Alma De La Selva joined us for the first TT live session of 2022 on Wednesday 2nd of February. For this specially tailored piece, Alma was accompanied by pianist & singer, C.Tappin. Details of hip-hop, jazz, Latin and psychedelia combined in this international celebration. With releases on Bogota’s Indio, on Cologne based Melting Pot Music and as part of the Loshh, Mansur Brown and Bel Cobain live setups.

Lash Marash

Wednesday 20th October 2021. Lash Marash is a London-born multi-instrumentalist. Since his teens Lash has been an active member of London’s techno and trance scenes, drumming at clubs like Megatripolis, Whirl-Y-Gig and Escape from Samsara. Lash came through and gave an entrancing and eye-opening intimate performance at his TT live session.

Kadija Kamara

Wednesday 13th and 27th of October. For our first TT Live Session we were lucky enough to be joined by London based singer-songwriter Kadija Kamara, whose self-described sound of ‘alt soul’ was the perfect fit for our sultry cellar bar. Kadija’s been on the come-up for a few years now, with a regular residency at The Finsbury, appearances on …Later With Jools Holland and her own successful event series; LADY, which showcases young female talent in music.

  • Up-and-coming Live Sessions

  • Aanya Martin

    2nd July 2024

  • Previous Sessions

  • Lianna

    7th June 2024

  • Irini Arabatzi

    7th May 2024

  • Cappo

    2nd April 2024

  • Aurora Dee Raynes

    5th March 2024

  • Shortee Blitz

    17th November 2023

  • Bonita Presents

    7th November 2023

  • Ruby Wood

    3rd October 2023

  • Talulah Ruby

    5th of September 2023

  • C.Tappin

    1st of August 2023

  • Raquel Martins

    4th of July 2023

  • NIA

    6th of June 2023

  • Georgie Sweet

    2nd of May 2023

  • Kiina & Friends

    4th of April 2023

  • White Girl Wasted

    1st November

  • Shortee Blitz

    21st October

  • Kyra

    18th of October 2022

  • Profusion

    4th of October 2022

  • Sharky

    6th of September 2022

  • Plumm

    2nd of August 2022

  • Sophya

    5th of July 2022

  • Daniella Wizard

    7th of June 2022

  • Joshua Idehen

    4th of May 2022

  • Benny Morrell

    2nd of March 2022

  • Alma De La Selva

    2nd of February 2022

  • Kadija Kamara

    27th October 2021

  • Lash Marash (Hand Pan)

    20th October 2021

  • Kadija Kamara

    13th October 2021

  • Tertia May

    Mezcal week 2018

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Daniella Wizard performing in TT Cellar Bar



Every Friday and Saturday night in the Cellar Bar we host DJs from 8 till late with a mix of residents and guest headliners playing an eclectic blend of music but always keeping it soulful. Stand out headliners have included electronic icon Floating Points, UK legend Shortee Blitz and hip-hop veterans Stretch and Bobbito. For upcoming lineups check our calendar or come down on the weekend to see what we’ve got going on.

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