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On Tuesday, Profusion joined us for a TT Live Session with a stripped back performance of vocals and keys in our intimate Cellar Bar.

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DJ & producer K15 and multi-talented vocalist Emeson combine to form Profusion, a sonic partnership creating contemporary London soul music. With their most recent release, Saturday, Profusion continue to deliver genre-bending music with an elegant touch.

Profusion (noun): an abundance of something rich.
This perfectly names the sonic partnership of K15 and Emeson. Their music was inevitable having collaborated since the days of Myspace and on the 4th of October, TT Liquor were excited to welcome the two along to TT Live Sessions.

Emeson’s rich vocals gracefully ride on top of K15’s delectably bruk twist on neo-soul sonics and electronics. It’s contemporary London soul music incorporating flashes of dance music techniques, sound-system etiquette and jazz-tinged rhythms. As forward thinking as it is subtly retrospective, it doesn’t lend itself to one genre, it intentionally embodies the best of many.

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Saturday started a new collection of music from Profusion following on from 2017’s Where Do I Begin? TT Live Sessions was excited to host these two talented individuals for an emotive, stripped back performance of keys and vocals.

The solo-projects of Tottenham-raised Kieron Ifill (aka K15) date back a decade on labels like Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats and WotNot Music, with a steady flow of genre-crossing releases dropping ever since, establishing K15 as a stalwart in the British music scene. As well as his production work, K15 has cemented himself internationally as a prolific DJ, performing at a range of venues from the Jazz Cafe to the CoOp parties.

Singer, songwriter, producer, promoter, DJ, actor and vocalist in Profusion is Emeson; his varied skill-set has seen him work with Chico Hamilton, Carla Duke, Karmasound and J-Felix. A frontman for soul-jazz groups such as LifeSize, The One and Saturn’s Children, Emeson has featured on releases for BBE and Tokyo Dawn, and has appeared live on stages in the UK and abroad.

Profusion arrived at TT and K15 set up to the left of the vocal with a CDJ for drum tracks and a Nord Stage 3 to play the rich keys over the top.

We’ve been following K15’s music over the years from hip hop to house gems and have rarely seen him play live making Profusion’s TT Live Session performance even more special.

A DJ warm up from Chris P Cuts ending with Freddie Hubbard’s ‘Little Sunflower’ set the tone nicely before introducing Profusion. Emeson, on stage right, took control of the room from the first word, gliding through the songs with his smooth vocals and having the audience in stitches between tracks with his humour. They started with the 2017 smash Where Do I begin from the debut LP of the same title, knocking drums and huge bass lines backed Emeson’s silky vocals. Next track, Amazing was just that and follow-up Times Up kept the set moving, before finishing up with new boogie hit Saturday.

Thanks to K15 & Emeson and everyone that came down. A real collection of musical minds and eager ears filled the space and created an appreciative and collaborative atmosphere reminding us why we host TT Live Sessions and building anticipation for the next one.

  • Our music philosophy, in one word, is “SOULFUL.” It’s a journey through Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk and everything in between coming in two forms; intimate, stripped-back live sessions, featuring new performers on the first Tuesday of every month, and resident DJs and guest headliners taking care of the soundtrack throughout the building the rest of the time.

    All our music programming is curated by head of music Chris P Cuts.

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