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In autumn we hosted a special one-off TT Live Session in collaboration with Hennessy to help celebrate London Cocktail Week. We were joined by West London singer/songwriter Kyra, who showcased her distinct ‘electrosoul’ vocal stylings in a stripped back live performance in our Cellar Bar.

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Hailing from West London, Kyra is an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter known for her soulful voice, bubbly character and captivating live performances.

Kyra has gained support from Radio 1, MTV and MOBO for her releases as well as opening up for artists like Sigma, Boyz II Men, Rita Ora and Kwabs. Kyra has toured across the UK and Europe with Sigala, providing vocals for hits such as Easy Love and Sweet Lovin, performing at Wembley Stadium, V Festival and many more.

Her songs are impeccably produced and filled with string sections and great musicianship, her velvety vocals sit on top guiding listeners through delicate relationships and emotions.

The accompanying music video for single After the Love is devastatingly cinematic. Featuring upcoming UK rapper Knucks, the video depicts the shift from love to hate, conveying the intricacy and intimacy of a relationship. The soft tones shadowed by sunset hues suggest a hazy memory, reminiscent of lost love. The singer further explained the deeper meanings of the music video saying, “It revisits moments through a series of vignettes that depict the intense passion once shared, to snapshots of conflict and distance.”

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After the Love signifies a new era for Kyra, establishing her as a force to be reckoned with, both in terms of killer voice and immense songwriting abilities, After the Love is the beginning of Kyra 2.0.

Kyra was joined on stage by keys player and long-time collaborator Insxght and the pair effortlessly moved from song to song, capturing the attention of the room with every note. Their setlist included singles Blossom Spring and After Love and Kyra continued with an incredible cover of Musiq Soulchild’s Just Friends. The crowd packed in the cellar bar were fantastic and Kyra had them hanging on her every word. By the time she introduced her latest single Excellent she had the eager audience joining in on the chorus proving her skills as performer and exuding ease and comfort in the space.

Insxght mirrored Kyra’s energy and skill with every brush of the keys, laying down top lines and intricate melodies, keeping it sparse in places and building to full solos in the spaces between Kyra’s enigmatic vocals.

Kyra is an electric being with a holistic voice, a real range and vocal styling which has been honed and perfected for years, accompanied by the unwavering musical talent of Insxght, this pair set the bar high for any future performances and showed how far we’ve taken TT Live Sessions from their humble beginnings.

Kyra’s music is available to buy and stream now and with a constant output of new and exciting releases and collaborations she’s certainly an artist worth paying attention to, we can’t wait to welcome her back in the future.

  • Our music philosophy, in one word, is “SOULFUL.” It’s a journey through Disco, Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk and everything in between coming in two forms; intimate, stripped-back live sessions, featuring new performers on the first Tuesday of every month, and resident DJs and guest headliners taking care of the soundtrack throughout the building the rest of the time.

    All our music programming is curated by head of music Chris P Cuts.

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