Plumm | TT - London


On Tuesday, we hosted our first TT Live Session in our cinema space with Plumm & SKRRTD.

TT Liquor

Hailing from South London with a proud Welsh heritage, Plumm is an enigmatic performer and one-woman orchestra. This multi-instrumentalist plays everything from piano to tablas but her main instrument is her voice; creating vast, thoughtful soundscapes with her rich vocals.

With influences ranging from Nina Simone to Led Zeppelin, Plumm successfully bends genres and sounds whilst always keeping a gritty, soulful tone. Wearing a range of hats from songwriter to vocalist to producer, Plumm has created a buzz in the London jazz scene as both a solo artist and as part of larger collectives like Levitation Orchestra. She is a frequent collaborator with drummer and producer Moses Boyd and the pair have recently worked on the theme for TV series Ragdoll for Alibi.

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The contrast between the seated audience and the hard electronic landscape that Plumm & SKRRTD create worked well and we installed some extra power with subs and tops to really push the sonics.

Pumm’s vocals are incredible; a unique voice, used as a true instrument and taken to the edges of its capabilities. Plumm has many different projects displaying her talent and range in interesting ways and her show really highlighted the variety and nuance in her work.

For her performance at TT Live Sessions, Plumm harmonised her own vocals before overlaying verses with an assortment of equipment and loop pedals creating layers of her voice all working together simultaneously and creating a huge wall of sound. SKRRTD kept the basslines and drums rolling playing keys over everything.

A version of Flame to Flame, released on Brownswood’s Future Bubblers series was a memorable highlight and the club classic medley at the end of their set had the crowd out of their seats and dancing between the rows. It was a huge privilege to host this duo and TT Liquor would love to welcome them back in the future.

Flame To Flame appears on Plumm’s most recent EP, Chameleonic, which is available to stream now.

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