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An artisanal ensemble of Espadin and Madrecuishe Agave from Maihuatlan, Southern Oaxaca.

Alcohol 48.0% vol.

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Pensador is produced by Atenogenes Garcia and his family who have been making artisanal mezcal for generations in the Miahuatlan region of southern Oaxaca. Compared with other areas of Oaxaca, the Miahuatlan region has a significantly different climate, with semi-arid conditions. This means the agave must work hard to survive, which results in highly concentrated sugars in the pina, giving Pensador its depth and smoothness.

Appearance: Crystal clear.
Nose: Cocoa beans and pine resin with subtle floral notes of cassis buds.
Taste: Black pepper leading to ripe stone fruit and a deep earthiness.
Finish: Creamy chocolate giving way to mint and gentle smoke.
Overall: Unusual enough to excite a fan, but approachable enough to convert a critic.


If the unique region isn’t enough to spike curiosity, the ensemble of agave in Pensador surely will. This bottle makes an appropriate gift for both agave novices and connoisseurs.

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Atenogenes Garcia

Atenogenes Garcia’s Palenque uses traditional methods to produce their Pensador. Once harvested, the agave pinas are roasted in a horno, where they are buried allowing them to slowly cook for 5 days before being unearthed and left to cool. The cooked agaves are crushed using a horse-drawn tahona and the juicy remains are mixed with well water in open-top wooden fermenting vats. Depending on the ambient temperature, fermentation can take up to 2 weeks before a mash of around 6% abv. is taken and passed twice through 250L copper pot stills heated on an open fire. Finally, Pensador is hand bottled and labelled, with each batch taking about 3 months to produce.

Atenogenes Garcia has never worked with an international brand before and now produces exclusively for Pensador using traditional methods which remain largely unchanged since the 16th Century. Taught by his father, the techniques used have been passed down from generation to generation.

Agave Espadin, Agave Madrecuishe


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