Hospitality Gin

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Gin with purpose, this is a boldly flavoured dry gin which uses 100% of profits to support the UK hospitality industry.

Alcohol 42.0%

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Hand-distilled in North Yorkshire using glass vacuum stills to extract only the freshest flavours, Hospitality Gin uses a range of carefully selected botanicals including local lavender and honey, lemongrass, cumin and juniper. Born in lockdown to support the struggling hospitality industry, they reinvest 100% of profits back into hospitality.

Appearance: Clear, water-white, and colourless.
Nose: Pine-y juniper balanced with floral citrussy notes of lemongrass and honeyed lavender.
Taste: Delicate lemongrass and honey flavours build into lightly spiced cardamom and juniper.
Finish: Long and lingering, spicy cumin and cardamom gives way to honeyed lavender and lemongrass
Overall: Boldly flavoured yet expertly balanced, the cold distillation ensures that each botanical is allowed to shine, creating an exceptionally well-rounded and bold dry gin. The combination of honey and lavender complements the spice notes of cumin and cardamom, while the spirit is tied together with a delicate thread of juniper.


Tom was struck with the original idea in the early days of lockdown whilst helping an array of companies and individuals muddle their way through the mess of restrictions. From the moment the idea struck him to the first bottles being delivered to customers was less than 8 weeks, most spirit brands take a year or more to reach the same point!

A boldly flavoured gin, it not only makes a cracking G&T, but it holds its own in cocktails and mixed drinks as well.


Cooper King Distillery.
Cooper King Distillery is an independent, self-built distillery that is powered by 100% green energy. Founders Abbie and Chris spent years researching distilleries in Tasmania before heading back home to Yorkshire to build Cooper King Distillery from scratch.

They follow an precise process to ensure that they extract only the brightest, freshest flavours into their spirits. To start they macerate each botanical individually at the ABV which gives its truest representation, before using state-of-the-art glass vacuum stills to cold-distill at the optimum temperature for flavour extraction into the final spirit.

Cooper King Distillery take local botanicals to the next level, both the hives which produce the honey for their Charity Dry and the lavender are visible from the stillhouse!

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