El Rayo No1 Plata Tequila

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No. 1 Plata is hand bottled straight from the stills and naturally packs a range of vibrant, fresh and herbal notes.

Alcohol 40.0%

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El Rayo Plata is hand bottled straight from the stills. It contains no added sugars or chemicals, just 100% blue agave grown for 8 years in Jalisco’s rich soil. Twice distilled in 105 year old 100% copper stills, El Rayo’s slow, considered process preserves and extracts all the complex, natural flavours from the blue agave plant.

Appearance: Clear.
Nose: Herbal aromas.
Taste: Bright citrus notes, hints of pineapple.
Finish: Warm peppery spice.
Overall: El Rayo Plata perfectly captures the vibrant flavours of the majestic Mexican blue agave plant. A burst of herbal aromas gives way to bright citrus notes that are warmed by a hint of peppery spice on the finish. El Rayo Plata’s fresh and savoury flavours balance perfectly with the bittersweet taste of tonic water for a fresh long drink.


El Rayo is made from a blend of highland and lowland blue agaves, and is the first Tequila in the world designed to pair with tonic.

If the person you’re buying for is a fan of El Rayo Plata, why not a good case of tonic water to drink it with?

El Rayo are championing Modern Mexico’s incredible culture of art and design in all they do – including soon to be releasing Limited Edition prints designed exclusively for El Rayo by some of Mexico’s best and brightest artists. All the prints will be printed on to sustainable paper made from agave waste.


Co-founders Tom & Jack were heavily involved in developing the El Rayo liquid. With the help of one of only 200 Maestro Tequileros in the world, Oscar Garcia, they spent two years choosing the perfect distillery, production process and testing around 85 different blends to find the perfect liquid. Oscar continues to visit the distillery often to check on the production and ensure the high standard El Rayo pride themselves on.

El Rayo Tequila is produced in a small, family run distillery two hours east of Guadalajara, and is entirely hand-made from start to finish. This means the agaves are hand harvested, hand distilled and hand bottled. The process is slow, simple and considered – it is all about preserving and extracting those deep, complex and natural agave flavours.

El Rayo’s blue agaves are grown for 8 years before being harvested by Jimadores. They are then slow roasted in steel autoclave ovens for 12 hours to ensure high quality and depth of flavour, before resting and being shredded. The resulting cooked agave juices are then collected and fermented for three days before being distilled and bottled. El Rayo is twice distilled in 100% copper stills which ensure purity, before being combined with the best quality water from Los Altos to bring the liquid down to 40%.

El Rayo’s distillery are very concerned with their sustainability practices. In Jalisco, it only rains 38 inches a year, so they harvest that rainwater and use it in the irrigation systems. They also use all the leftover shredded agave hearts as compost for the next generation of blue agaves, avoiding as much wastage as possible whilst recycling what they can. They also work closely with the TIP to support bat friendly farms and preserve traditional practices in Tequila production.

Maestro Tequilero, Oscar Garcia.

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