El Dorado 3 Year Rum

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3-year-old rum filtered through charcoal and made for mixing.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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The product of the traditional Skeldon and Blairmount marques, El Dorado 3 Year is twice filtered through natural charcoal after being aged for 3 years in 45-gallon ex-Bourbon casks. The filtration give the rum its clarity and purity, making it ideal for mixing in cocktails.

Appearance: Crystal hue.
Nose: Fresh lime peel backed by vanilla and cocoa.
Taste: Fresh coconut flesh with hints of citrus oils.
Finish: Drying out, crisp and clean.
Overall: Well rounded fine white rum.


Really easy drinking rum created specifically with mixing and cocktails in mind. El Dorado 3 Year makes an absolutely killer Daiquiri or Mojito, in fact, it works perfectly in pretty much any Caribbean or South American inspired cocktail.

If the person youŐre buying for is a fan of the El Dorado 3 Year you could also try Cana Brava 3 Year or El Dorado 5 Year.


Demerara Distillers Limited.

The Demerara County of Guyana has been steeped in the history of sugar and rum production since the 17th century. By the 18th century, there were over 300 estates growing sugar cane, each with their own distillery, each producing their own unique rums. Through the centuries, these estates and distilleries have been amalgamated, fortunately, many of their marques and original stills were preserved.

Today, Demerara Distillers operates the last remaining distillery in Guyana at Plantation Diamond on the east bank of the Demerara River. Here they have consolidated all the old original stills, marques and traditional techniques which make Demerara rum so distinctive. With its nine different stills, no other rum distillery in the world offers such a variety and range, boasting over twenty different styles of rum.

Demerara Distillers launched the El Dorado range of rum into the market in 1992, becoming one of the first rum producers to market a premium quality aged rum, El Dorado 15 Year Old Special Reserve. The El Dorado range has become the internationally recognised benchmark for many rum brands that choose to display an age-statement on their bottle. This is significant in that each age-statement on El Dorado rums specifically indicates the youngest rum in the blend, even though the oldest rum may be many years older.



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