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ML: 700ml

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This full-bodied expression of a London Dry Gin contains a key botanical found in both Absinthe and Vermouth. Roman Wormwood grants Devil’s Botany London Dry Gin with a uniquely herbaceous flavour profile that has been expertly tailored for the use in classic cocktails such as the Martini or Negroni.

Inspired by the old styles of gin that were popular in 18th century London, Devil’s Botany London Dry Gin is distilled with the root of liquorice, which has been used historically for its natural sweetness. Peppery notes of coriander seed and cubeb berries compliment the dark woodiness of devil’s claw root. Together, enlivened by the delicate citrus aromas of fresh lemon peel, the resulting liquid is a bright and intensely aromatic reincarnation of the so-called She-Devil, Madame Genever.


Appearance: Clear and colourless.
Nose: Richly scented by lively juniper with sweet citrus and spicy aromas.
Taste: The taste buds are enlivened with a sweet woodiness and fresh citrus finish.
Finish: Robustly herbaceous. Warming and savoury with a naturally sweet finish.
Overall: The complexity achieved from just seven herbs and spices is brilliantly expressed in this classic British gin. Bright and intensely aromatic, the resulting liquid is a reincarnation of the so-called She-Devil Madame Genever.


Devil’s Botany London Dry Gin is a brilliantly unique example of a classic spirit and would make a fantastic gift for any gin enthusiasts looking for something a little different, and being made right here in East London, buying a bottle is also a great way to support local business. If gin’s not your thing or you already have a bottle, why not try Devil’s Botany’s range of absinthes; the first to be produced in the UK.


Absinthe is not the only botanical spirit to acquire a devilish reputation. Gin, nicknamed Lucifer’s Liquor, was blamed for the lewdness and debauchery that once ran rampant through 18th century London. The Devil’s Drink pervaded the city during what would become known as the Gin Craze, leaving London drenched with despair. In an attempt to put an end to the madness and merriment, Parliament passed the Gin Act, which made it impossible for common folk to attain their much beloved gin and resulted in the outbreak of riots on the streets in 1743. During this time, dram drinkers could only obtain their gin from clandestine distillers or from the apothecaries who continued retailing spirituous liquors under the pretence of physick.

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