Bruxo X

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Mezcal produced in honour of the spirits authenticity, traditions, and magic.

Alcohol 40.0% vol.

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Translating to ‘Wizard’ in English, Bruxo was created by a group of friends who love and honour mezcal in all its magic. A handcrafted joven mezcal, Bruxo X is made from an ensemble of espadin and barril agaves. Using traditional production methods, once harvested the agaves are cooked slowly in an earthen pit. The cooked agaves are crushed with a tahona, then left to ferment naturally before being twice distilled through copper pot stills.

Appearance: Silver clear.
Nose: Plenty of citrus and ripe tropical fruits.
Taste: Plenty of sweet fruit notes with floral notes of chamomile.
Finish: Honeyed sweetness gives way to lightly smoked pepper and fresh mint.
Overall: A fruity character with a sweeter smoke profile.


Bruxo X is a great entry level mezcal with an affordable price. Get creative and explore new cocktail ideas with this one.

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The literal translation of mezcal is ‘oven-cooked agave’, the only real difference between mezcal and Tequila is that mezcal is not regulated to the 5 states, like Tequila is. It is predominantly made in the southern state of Oaxaca and unlike Tequila it can be made from any type of agave plant native to Mexico, but not blue. It is categorized from blanco, through to extra añejo in the same way Tequila is and has grown massively in popularity recently. The production and ageing, all the way through to the bottling is generally the same as Tequila.

San Dionisio Ocotepec.

Produced by Mastero Mezcalero Juan Morales, Bruxo X is produced using artisanal techniques. The agave is cooked in a 14-ton capacity horno and then crushed by a horse-drawn tahona. Fermentation takes place naturally in open-top fermentation vats and Bruxo X is twice distilled through two copper pot stills.

Agave Espadin, Agave Barril.


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