Belsazar Rose

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A light floral fruit-forward wine-based aperitif with a dry aromatic finish.

Alcohol 18.0% vol.

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Pinot noir rosé fortified with raspberry eau de vie and aromatised with herbs barks and spices. A light floral fruit-forward wine-based aperitif with a dry aromatic finish.

Appearance: Light orange with a strong pink hue.
Nose: Summer fruit, ripe berries, mint.
Taste: Summer fruit, ripe berries, mint.
Finish: Subtle spices, gentle bitterness, dry.
Overall: An accessible aperitif with bold fruit character, floral aroma and a sophisticated bittersweetness.


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Belsazar was established in 2013 by two young German entrepreneurs by the name of Max Wagner and Sebastian Brack. Acknowledging the rise of European aperitivo culture and consumer appetite for No & Low options, the founders set about creating Germany’s first premium wine based aperitif; focusing on high quality wines from the Baden region, SW Germany.
Each of Belsazar’s expressions is based on a different German base wine, fortified with a different complimentary fruit brandy/eau de vie and aromatised with its own bespoke botanical bill.

Weingut Zaehringer / Schladerer Distillery

Fabian Zaehringer / Phillip Schladerer

Both the winery and distillery are located in Staufen, SW Germany. Both are 6th generation family businesses, both 175 years old.


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