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Chocolate Rum Bunny

By Stephen Thompson


Chocolate cocktails are the perfect dessert accompaniment, or for those times where you simply want to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our Easter creation contains chocolate liqueur as well as chocolate shavings for that deep cacao hit. Dark rum pairs well with the bitter/sweet liqueur and the oat milk adds an unctuous texture. Silky smooth, luxurious, and chocolate-filled, we think we may just have found your new favourite Easter weekend tipple. 


25 ml Dark rum 

25 ml Mozart Chocolate Liqueur  

25 ml Oat Milk – We used Oatly Barista Edition 

Bar of good quality milk chocolate


Prep: 2 Minutes

Make: 1 Minute

Total: 3 Minutes


285 calories


Contains oats, dairy & lactose.


Serves 1


Start by chilling a cocktail glass in a freezer or by filling with ice. For an added Easter theme, use your knife and chopping board to cut the ears off a chocolate bunny, or the top off an easter egg and chill in a similar way to ensure it doesn’t melt in the meantime.

Add all the ingredients to a large shaking tin, mixing glass, or whatever other receptacle – such as a mason jar – you happen to be using and fill with ice.

Using your bar spoon or similar stirring tool, gently stir. Keep the back of the spoon pressed against the inside of the tin/your homemade receptacle.

Grab your hawthorn strainer (or reposition lid/cap if using alternatives) and strain into your cocktail glass or chocolate treat.

Garnish with a generous amount of chocolate shavings.

Serve and enjoy!


Shaking tins or Mixing Glass*
Hawthorne strainer***
Chopping board.
Cocktail glass or Chocolate Easter Bunny/Chocolate Egg.
Bar spoon****

* If you don’t have a cocktail shaker there are several other items we could employ. One option is a mason jar, or you could use a reusable coffee mug or water bottle. You could even use a tall, sturdy Tupperware – ideally not the takeaway food style and be sure it’s clean and free from food particles.

** If you don’t have a jigger (fancy bar name for a liquid measure) work from the principle that a tablespoon is 15ml.

*** The Hawthorne strainer is usually used for a “first strain” which separates the main solids from the liquid cocktail e.g. the ice. Instead of a Hawthorne strainer you can use the lid/cap of your makeshift shaker or any solid item that can sit flat on its top. 

**** If you don’t have one to hand, a regular, long, small-headed spoon would work just as well here.


The Chocolate Rum Bunny is a drink whipped up by our head bartender, Jake Rogers, and so no myths or legends are available for this drink… yet.