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Georgia Peach Julep

By Stephen Thompson

Whilst a Mint Julep with bourbon (or rye) is perhaps the most famous iteration of this cocktail, this Georgia Peach Julep is actually a lot closer to what Juleps may have looked like originally. In the 19th century, brandy was far more popular as a cocktail ingredient than whisky, with the shift happening after the great phylloxera epidemic in the late 19th century which wiped out nearly 70% of France’s grape crops. The oldest version of a boozy Julep would actually have used peach brandy, though as this spirit became less common, newer recipes called for a mix of traditional grape brandy and peach brandy or peach liqueur.

Our version uses Hennessy VS cognac and peach syrup to help mellow out and lengthen this normally quite punchy cocktail, mixed with a handful of mint and a heap of crushed ice, the Georgia Peach Julep is ideal as a refreshing, balanced summer sipper.


50ml Cognac

20ml Peach Syrup

Handful of Mint Leaves

Quarter of a Lemon

Mint Sprig for Garnish


Prep: 30 sec

Make: 2

Total: 2.5







Take a quarter of a lemon, squeeze the juice into the bottom of a julep tin, then add the rest of the fruit and muddle to extract the remaining juice and oils, leave in

Pick a handful of fresh mint leaves and lightly slap them between your palms and rub together to extract the flavour, add to tin with lemon

Using your jigger to measure, add the cognac and peach syrup to your julep tin

Fill julep tin almost to the top with crushed ice

Use your bar spoon to churn the mixture, lifting the ingredients from the bottom and stirring them with the ice

Once diluted, top with a large pile of crushed ice to crown your cocktail

Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint

Serve and enjoy


Bar Spoon
Crushed Ice