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TT Cinema Goes Back to the Future

The end of April saw the second edition of TT Cinema go off with.. well.. a flash of lightning, as we revved up our DeLoreans and put on a special screening of 80s sci-fi classic 'Back to the Future'.

TT Liquor

To mark the occasion, we teamed up with Blended Scotch connoisseurs Naked Grouse on our bar menu for the evening – which was designed in order to showcase our bar team’s take on ‘The Future of Whisky Serves’, mirroring the futuristic themes of the night’s entertainment.

Jonny Shields, brand ambassador for Naked Grouse UK, said of the concept:

What we’re focussing on this year at Naked Grouse is ‘The Future of Whisky Serves’ – what is that going to be? What is that going to look like? So we wanted to challenge bartenders and people in the trade to show us what the trends of the future may be. So for example is everything going to be vegan? Is everything going to be sustainable, as we’re kind of seeing at the moment? Are we going to be in war times? Are there going to be certain vessels that everyone’s going to drink out of? So it’s all very much open to interpretation and that’s kind of how we want it.

‘The New(ish)’ by Tommaso Cicala

Our interpretation certainly seemed to go down a treat, with more than one guest returning for seconds. First showcased at ‘Cocktails in the City’ a few weeks ago in Marylebone, our complimentary cocktail for the evening was lovingly dubbed ‘The New(ish)’, which was available down in the Cellar Bar pre-screening and throughout the week.

It featured a good glug of Naked Grouse whisky as its base, to which was added Vermouth Rosso, Bergamot Juice, Ruby Syrup & Aquafaba, all topped with Bergamot Bitters to create a silky smooth, zesty and fragrant libation.

Aside from that, attendees could peruse the entirety of our extensive bar menu, or opt for a beer from our well-stocked fridges in the liquor store.

Liquid refreshments well and truly sorted, Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox and co. took care of the visual spectacle.

The timeless sci-fi flick showed attendees just why it topped the 1985 box office charts, spawned two wildly successful sequels, and stamped an enduring imprint onto the face of popular culture.

It’s breathless narrative pace, inventive plot points and outstandingly-executed script made it a rousing time travel adventure with an unforgettable spirit, and one that left us all feeling out of time far too soon.

So overall, the second outing of TT Cinema was another great success and we’re very grateful to all who came through our doors this time round.

Looking ahead, on 22nd May we’re teaming up with French liqueur specialists Chartreuse and putting on Quentin Tarantino’s gritty take on the grindhouse genre, Death Proof. Then, on 29th May we’re going to be marking the 20th anniversary of the film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s psychedelic novel ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’.

So don’t worry if you missed out this time round, for there is plenty more to look forward to on the horizon, Hit the link below and sign up to our dedicated TT Cinema mailing list for full details of this – as well as our other future screenings.