Paperboy X Footpatrol | TT - London

Paperboy X Footpatrol

On the 2nd of March we were lucky enough to host the launch of Footpatrol’s second collaboration with Paris sandwich shop/lifestyle brand, Paperboy.

kay Zell-Huxley

Paperboy was founded by James Dridi in 2014, inspired by his love of food and fashion. Envisaged as a way for Dridi to express his passion for food and create a brand that would let him create his own take on modern Paris fashion and streetwear, Paperboy soon gained a loyal following. With their distinctive mascot they’ve collaborated with some big brands since opening nearly 10 years ago including Reebok, Needles and BEAMS.

Their most recent collaboration saw them team up with London sneaker store Footpatrol for the second time to release a limited capsule collection of hoodies and tees. To mark the launch, Paperboy created a special lunch menu at their store in Paris’ Le Marais district and Footpatrol brought the team over for a one-night only launch party held right here at TT Liquor.

Billed as a ‘Pastrami Party’, Paperboy and Footpatrol curated an event that brought together some of the London street-fashion scene’s heaviest hitters for a night of sandwiches, sneakers, cocktails and music in TT’s Orangery.

The theme for the evening was all-black-everything, reflecting Paperboy’s monochrome branding, this included a one-off menu of jet-black cocktails created by the TT team and an abundance of black-bread sandwiches designed by Paperboy.

The evening began early for the TT team as we took delivery of twenty kilos of some of London’s finest pastrami as well as stacks upon stacks of black brioche buns fresh from Borough Market, ready to be packed high and served out to attendees.

Under the expert supervision of Paperboy’s team, the TT Kitchen got to work preparing the mountain of pastrami and associated condiments for Paperboy’s signature sarnies. Thankfully when it came to the actual assembly of said sandwiches the boys from Paris were on hand to take-over.

Working like a well oiled machine, Paperboy’s well-dressed entourage bashed out about a hundred sandwiches in half an hour without getting so much as a spot of mustard on their fresh tees. Served out by the platter, Paperboy’s sandwiches were snapped up by the eagerly awaiting crowd while they sipped down Black Widow cocktails–an inky riff on a classic White Lady–and bopped heads to a soundtrack of French and UK hip hop provided by TT’s in-house DJ and Head of Music Chris P Cuts.

Turn-out was strong and the energy was buzzy for this Thursday night-event which saw TT’s Orangery filled with some of the freshest creps this side of the Seine. We were really pleased to host this evening, apart from decking out the whole TT staff with samples of their new collection, the team from Footpatrol and Paperboy were a pleasure to work with and just a bunch of genuinely nice people.

Footpatrol X Paperboy’s new collection of three bespoke pieces is available in their stores and online now but stocks are limited so get in quick to get your hands on them. We’ll certainly be keen to work with both these brands again so keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive events and product launches at TT.

In the meantime, we hope the Paperboy team managed to sleep off their hangovers and make their train back to Paris the next morning and we’ll be sure to be paying their spot a visit next time we’re in the city of lights.