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Cocktail Shaker

This tool has been a staple of all bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts for hundreds of years, with ingredients being added together and quickly chilled by shaking them with ice.

This technique not only mixes but rapidly chills drinks making it ideal for bartenders to speed up service time whilst still making each drink individually and to order.

It’s often called a Boston Shaker. This term comes from the 1920’s when the International Silver Company started producing shakers in all different shapes and sizes, with the most popular modelled after the Boston Lighthouse.

Over the years the styles changed with cocktail shakers coming in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. A Boston Shaker is often used in tandem with a Boston Glass, which is a toughened glass that fits together with the Shaker perfectly. A glass is useful so that people can see what is going into the cocktail and easier for the bartender to notice if they make a mistake.