Valentines Day | TT - London

Valentines Day Cocktail Making Class

Looking for something a bit different this Valentine’s Day? We’re hosting a Valentine’s masterclass on Tuesday the 14th of February. Whether you need a fun way to break the ice on a first date or something more interactive than dinner and a movie for your five-hundredth, come get creative with some cupid-approved cocktail-making.

We’ll kick things off with a champagne reception to set the mood before one of our expert mixologists lovingly leads you through a two hour class. And for the competitive couples out there, we’ll finish things off with a healthy little invention contest to test your mixological mettle.

All our classes focus on 100% involvement – each couple will get their own custom-built cocktail workshop bar as well as all the fine liquor, fresh ingredients and specialist equipment to make their own cocktails.

Tuesday 14th Feb, 19:00 – 21:00, TT Liquor, Shoreditch.

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*you can also book using vouchers by going to our bookings page and selecting the public cocktail making class on Wednesday the 14th of February.

We deliver 100% Hands-on Cocktail Making Classes.

We pride ourselves on the interactivity of our classes. With no more than four to five guests to each bar, nobody will step on anyone else’s toes. Each guest gets their own area behind one of our fully-stocked bar stations which maximises the amount of time each guest gets with equipment.

Absolutely brilliant time making cocktails. Kay was an excellent tutor and explained the history and the methodology of the drinks we were making. It was fun and interactive and an excellent day out. Highly recommended.

Valentines Day Class Format

  • Length:

    Our Valentine’s cocktail class will run for two hours.

  • Reception Cocktail:

    Enjoy a complimentary champagne cocktail upon entry to your dedicated masterclass lounge.

  • Introduction of Cocktail Class:

    Be guided through the background and concepts of mixology & cocktail making, and learn fundamental techniques.

  • Make Four Cocktails:

    Time to get hands-on. Every guest will make (and drink) four cocktails behind their own fully stocked and equipped cocktail making bar, with no more than one couple to each cocktail bar station.

  • Cocktail Making Competition:

    Indulge in some healthy competition as each couple competes against the rest to make their own original cocktail using a range of liquors, spirits, syrups, fresh fruit, juices and specialised equipment available to them.