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Gin Cocktail Making Classes

Love your Gimlets and Tom Collins? Looking for an alternative to the humble G&T? Our dedicated private gin cocktail making class is for you.

You’ll learn all about what is often thought of as a quintessentially English spirit before exploring the evolution of the gin cocktail over time – from its close associations with Her Majesty’s Naval Service to its prominence in the classy gin saloons of the golden era in London and New York.

As with all our classes, our private gin cocktail class is fully interactive and every guest uses a variety of fine gins, fresh ingredients and specialist equipment to make their own cocktails in their own area behind one of our custom-built cocktail bars, with a maximum of 4-5 people per bar.

Our gin masterclasses last two hours and can be hosted at our Shoreditch home on Kingsland Road. We also have a large collection of mobile cocktail bars and equipment, allowing us to take our cocktail making classes to almost any venue in London or throughout the U.K.


We can host our private cocktail classes anywhere, at any time, on any day, from groups of 6 guests to any size you had in mind.

Length – Recommended class runs for two hours.

Reception Cocktail – Enjoy a complimentary gin cocktail upon entry to your cocktail making class in your private mixology masterclass lounge.

Introduction of Cocktail Class – Be introduced to your spirit of choice, before being guided through the background and concepts of mixology & cocktail making, learning some fundamental techniques.

Make Four Cocktails – Every guest will make (and drink) four gin-based cocktails behind their own fully stocked and equipped cocktail making bar, with no more than four guests to each cocktail bar station.

Cocktail Making Competition – Indulge in some healthy competition as each cocktail bar competes against the rest to make their own original gin-based cocktail using a range of liquors, spirits, syrups, fresh fruit, juices and specialised equipment available to them.

*Note, if there are any non-drinkers that wish to attend there are mocktail (non-alcoholic) options for each cocktail. No-one gets left out.


For private group bookings, guests can either come to us at our purpose-built studios at TT Liquor – our sister company on Shoreditch’s bustling Kingsland Road – or we can come to you, to any location across London & the UK.


We also enjoy a close relationship with a number of venues spanning the length and width of the capital and beyond, from Notting Hill, to Soho, Shoreditch, and beyond, so we’ll be sure to find you a suitable location. Our dedicated team will arrange all of this for you, and this service is normally included as standard in the cost of your private cocktail class.

For help and enquiries, please call us on 02031 312 909.


We have a variety of lounges and a roof terrace dedicated to hosting cocktail making classes at our permanent home on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, east London. Have at the gallery below to get an idea of our set up.


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Public Cocktail Making Classes in Shoreditch

If you’d like to try out our classes before you take the leap with us privately, you join one of our scheduled public classes, which are ideal for groups of of 1 – 5  and take place every Friday from 7-9pm and Saturday from 1pm at our Shoreditch home. You’ll be joining a wider group of other like-minded people, with a maximum for 4 guests to a bar and 25 guest in total.

Please buy a voucher below to redeem on any class over the next 12 months, or visit our calendar to book directly onto a specific date. For all questions quickly phone us or send a quick email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Not sure what day you want to join us? Want to give one of our classes as a gift? Buy one of our public cocktail class vouchers, which can be redeemed at any point over the next year. You will receive a beautifully presented voucher in the post, as well as an email confirmation.

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PRIVATE CLASSES – Any Size, Any Time, Any Location, Any Day

We have been specialising in delivering top-quality cocktail making classes for over a decade, and in that time we have continuously improved and fine-tuned our experience so we can proudly call ourselves the best on the market.

Many bars offer their own versions of cocktail masterclasses, but they are often not fit for purpose. It is cramped, not fully set up to allow all your guests to continually practice their cocktail making skills for the whole duration of the class, and you are often learning in front of a public audience in busier bars. Not Ideal.

We host the majority of our masterclasses at TT Liquor, where we have 4 dedicated cocktail making class lounges that are fully set up when you arrive – freeing you up to make cocktails continuously for 2 hours without waiting for anyone to set anything up for you.


We do that all before you arrive. The rooms come in a variety of sizes, and cater for groups of 6 up to 80.

If you have a location in mind we also specialists in bring the complete set up with us. All the bars, with all the equipment, all the liquor, fresh products and ice. You simply let us know where you would like it to be and we set it all up in less than an hour and a half. We then offer the same experience you find at TT Liquor at any location you can think of.

Each bar also comes fully stocked, so that everyone on that bar (max 5 guests per bar) can make cocktails throughout their masterclass, with no interruption and no standing around watching. There are 3, 6, 8 and 16 bars set up in the 4 respective cocktail making lounges across our four-floor venue at TT Liquor and we have a totally of 42 of these bars so we can perform a masterclass for up to 210 guests, all still receiving the same experience and all still making cocktails together!

We also provide you with you own professional bartender, who will be your dedicated host for the session. After putting together a reception cocktail for you and your guests, they will then guide you through 4 different cocktails, letting all your guests in on the various tricks of the trade to make your drinks taste better than ever. The perfect skills for your guests to take away with them to show off to their friends at their next garden party or barbecue.

To end the session with a bang, each bar will be set loose to create their own cocktail, testing out their new skills and competing head-to-head with the other bar teams. Your expert host will then have a taste of each creation and crown the winner. There is nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition and 5 cocktails each to bring a group together!

Our expert bartenders are at the very top of their profession and are rigorously trained to deliver the best cocktail making experience possible for groups of up to 80. Their job is to be entertaining and engaging with all your guests, while simultaneously offering unparalleled insights on how to make your cocktails taste amazing. You may not get it right the first time around, but they will work attentively with each member of your group to hone their skills.

Our cocktail making classes have been enjoyed by budding mixologists all ages, for a wide variety of occasions. Everything we do is geared towards making it an event to remember for you and your group.

We are lucky enough to be able to perform these classes 7 days a week and at any time of the day you wish. Due to this flexibility, we teach over 20,000 guests all the skills they’ll need to get mixing every year.

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We offer 100% interactivity for groups of any size. Our largest class to date is 220 people, with all guests continuously and simultaneously creating cocktails at the same time with no waiting for your turn!

We offer these award-winning, fun and informative cocktails classes, any time you wish 7 days a week. At our home in Shoreditch or anywhere across London or the UK.


We have a variety of lounges dedicated to hosting cocktail making classes at our permanent home on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch, east London. We can accommodate a wide range of group sizes – call 02031 313 497 to talk to one of our events organisers who can run you through every aspect of your event.


We’ve hosted our cocktail making classes in a wide range of locations – from The Shard to a Scottish Manor – and are fully equipped to take our classes to almost any venue in London or throughout the U.K. Got somewhere in mind? Get in touch.

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We’ve developed long-standing relationships with a number of partnership venues across London and can arrange to host your gin cocktail making class at one of them, should it suit you better. We have a lot of experience organising events at these venues, meaning planning and communication will be hassle free.

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Smaller groups can join one of our public masterclasses held every week on Fridays and Saturdays. Our public classes are £70 per person. Use the calendar below to check availability and book online.

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Testimonials: 'A very enjoyable and informative couple of hours..'

“I spent a very enjoyable and informative couple of hours at one of the public “masterclasses” at TT Liquor on a Saturday afternoon. After a welcome cocktail each of us made (and drank!) four ourselves, using different techniques and ingredients. I learnt a lot and had great fun. There was a lot packed into a very tight schedule but the recipes were sent by email afterwards so there was not need to take notes (the bar was fairly wet by the end anyway: notes would have been difficult!).” – Mark via TripAdvisor.

Testimonials: 'Thoroughly impressed with the level of fun, professionalism and ability to work as a team on multiple tasks.

“Great service. We booked TT Liquor for a cocktail making class for our summer party and we were thoroughly impressed with the level of fun, professionalism and ability to work as a team on multiple tasks. Would definitely recommend.” – AWI London, Google Review.

Testimonials: 'Absolutely incredible. I now know how to make some delicious gin-based cocktails..'

“Took a gin cocktail making class and it was absolutely incredible. I now know how to make some delicious gin-based cocktails. Natalie, our teacher, was superb and made the two hours fly past. I would highly recommend visiting TT Liquor if you’re interested in knowing more about the art of cocktail making.” – Huw Morgan, Google Review.

Testimonials: 'Well worth getting a group of you together and having a go..'

“The cocktail making class is brilliant fun. Well worth getting a group of you together and having a go. Just remember to line your stomach beforehand!” – Stuart Martin, Facebook Review.

Testimonials: 'Amazing cocktail masterclass..'

“Amazing cocktail masterclass. Great value and great host!” – Jessica Gemei, Facebook Review.

Testimonials: 'The perfect staff Christmas party celebration..'

“A big thank you to Kay for teaching our group on Saturday. We went in as a group of uneducated alcoholics, and left a little wiser and a little drunker. The perfect staff Christmas party celebration.” – Cris West, Facebook Review.

Write Up: Cocktails in the City Rolling Masterclasses

As well as serving out the drinks from our bar setup, from 4th-6th April 2019 we also took our trademark cocktail making classes to The Vaults Gallery in Waterloo as part of Cocktails in the City London.

Together with the House of Suntory and tea connoisseurs, Tiosk, we carefully curated a range of tea infusions and a variety of fruits, herbs and spices, which together with the spirits combined to create bespoke cocktails for our guests.

We teamed up with the House of Suntory, and tea connoisseurs Tiosk to curate a range of tea infusions, and challenged guiests to “be the bartender”. This gave them the chance to get hands-on with our ingredients to create their own signature serve, making it a uniquely interactive experience. Participants first chose from either the Roku gin or the Toki whisky and then chose a tea infusion to compliment it.

Our expert mixologists then guided them though the methodology of the serve, before finally inviting them to decorate their creation using a garnish of their choice. The cocktail making went down a treat with our guests – so well, in fact, that we scooped the award for ‘Best Experience’ in the whole venue. We’re proud of our dedicated bar team and look forward to bringing our masterclasses to another rendition very soon.

Cocktail Making Classes According to our Event Organisers

What? So we’ve got several different cocktail classes that typically run here at TT Liquor. We’ve got the classic cocktail masterclass – which we offer either as a ‘private’ or a ‘public’ session. With the public classes we can have small groups, people on their own, dates – basically any group of 5 or less people who all book into the public class. They can come and experience our classes without worrying about maintaining numbers, which opens it up to everyone and anyone. The private classes, meanwhile, have that little extra edge in that if there’s 6 or more of you then you get you very own dedicated mixologist and you are able to come and book out your very own mixology lounge all to yourself – making it a more private, personal experience. Our private classes can start from as little as 6 guests, but we’ve done classes of 150 with the same level of interaction – and you’ll never get more than 5 of you sharing a single station.

Why? The main benefit of our classes that we hear from our customer/client feedback is that they’re 100% interactive. Unlike most classes, we have everyone on their own workstation using their own professional equipment, so they’re able to make all the drinks themselves with their own hands. You don’t take it in turns, there’s no standing around. As soon as you get into that classroom you start learning and getting hands-on. I think that’s something that really hits home with people who come in, because you’re actually given real, useful, applicable knowledge about these cocktails to take home with you. Plus, these are cocktails you want to drink, and that CAN be made at home – there’s no niche ingredients or weird and wonderful machinery needed to make them – just the know-how.

The Personal Touch: We also offer tailored classes. So if you wanted to specifically have a rum class, or a gin class, or anything else you’d like, we can incorporate that into our classes. This means we can really make it an event that will not only be perfect for you and your group, but also give us something a little different to work with. We love to challenge ourselves with new and different briefs. So if you’ve got something weird and wonderful in mind, like a Harry Potter-themed class, a Tiki-themed class, or just really want to do something with whiskey for no apparent reason, then we’re always happy to accommodate.